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Alder is currently used for a variety of specialty interior products including mouldings, furniture, cabinets, floors and doors. Known for its character, this fast growing and semi knotty hardwood produces a fine grain with natural tan, rusty red and brown tones. Its rich black uniquely shaped knots accompany figured grain patterns that are normally found in expensive hardwoods. Alder has excellent finishing qualities and can be stained to compliment many design themes or finished clear to exhibit its natural beauty. Stained Alder can be used to mimic woods like American Cherry and Walnut. Alder is on the softer side of hardwoods and as such is limited to the consumer desiring a floor that will yield itself to the natural beauty of life’s wear. A seasoned and distressed Alder floor can be very appealing and make quite a dramatic statement on its own of a well established home. If you are looking for something unique and full of character, recording life’s imprint, this floor will be a great looking, well loved, historical floor.



Alder Available In:

  Assortment 1  -  3”, 4”, 5”, 6”




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