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The advantages to having your wood floor pre-finished are obvious. It’s what’s not obvious that can get you. Having your flooring pre-finished may seem convenient initially, but like a bad tool, the lasting effects of poor quality sting your pocket book in the end and give wood flooring a bad name.

Our experience with pre-finishes is that most are poly based and most are very hard. Poly based wood floor finishes do not penetrate. They are a hard plastic film build up that sits on top of your floor like paint. Many rate their durability by how the finish holds up to abrasion. Some companies place a lifetime warrantee against wearing through the finish. I believe the hardness of pre-finishes is not their strength but their weakness, as they’re too dissimilar to the wood and they tend to be brittle. I hear a daily banter of complaints from customers saying their finish is chipping off the wood, delaminating, scratching off or turning white where the poly has stretched after receiving a blow. No one complains about wearing through. Guaranteeing a customer won’t walk through their finish is a safe bet for the finish companies – but like the proverbial Red Herring – it shifts the focus away from actual needs of  the business or home owner. This leaves many in the uncomfortable position of having to sand off their old finish so they can re-apply (not an option for most engineered veneer flooring) or replace the floor outright. By this time, the convenience of pre-finish is long forgotten. That’s why we don’t apply Pre-finishes to our beautiful wide plank floors! We have found a better way.

The biggest advantage pre-finishes offer is they are applied over micro-beveled pre-sanded planks and thus require no sanding at install. We can pre-sand your planks with our popular Texture Sander and add an attractive micro-bevel. Our Texture Sand technique enhances the natural grain of your wood while leaving it smooth and ready to finish. NO SANDING is needed at install. Simply nail your planks down and apply your top coat. What we recommend is

Waterlox Tung Oil. Waterlox Tung oil will penetrate your wood floor, instead of sitting on top of the wood like paint. It does not delaminate or chip off. Spot repairs and refinishing is easy too because you do not need to sand off the old material to re-coat! No sanding – no dust. That’s huge! For you DIY customers, applying Tung Oil is about as easy as anything you’ll ever do. (Ask for our short How To Finish Your New Floor video.) Having happy customers reflects well on what we do – hand-craft some of the most beautiful wide plank floors in the world. With a quality penetrating finish applied at install, the natural beauty of your new plank floor can be enhanced and enjoyed for generations to come. And you can still enjoy the convenience of  NO SANDING!