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Mahogany Available In:

  Assortment 1  -  3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”



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Janka hardness ratings
Climatizing your floor
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Mahogany grows straight and tall with few branches on the lower half of the trunk and stalk. That means this hardwood has few knots, swirls or other traditional character attractions. Mahogany gets its character and beauty primarily from the noticeably attractive streaks of darker reddish to brown tones to lighter pinkish brown tones. These narrow bands of color that grace each plank are deeply iridescent and really pop in the light. It can appear that you’re looking right into the wood like glass. The wood is similar to Cherry or Walnut in hardness and is considered to have minimal in place movement, making it a good candidate for plank flooring.  Our hand crafted Mahogany WidePlanks compose a truly unique strikingly beautiful plank floor.




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