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We proudly use American timber.

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Old West options

This attractive feature gives your wood that old reclaimed look in a way unmatched by any stain. With the Burn option, there is no staining necessary, the Burn colors the wood and becomes the “stain” Each plank is individually fired for character and color.

Square Pegs add a plantation period estate feature that really sets your floor apart with our ½ square hardwood dowel pegs. This is not just a surface feature – these are the real deal.

Buttons are plugs that give your wood floor that old pegged and plugged look. Our button plugs are not merely decorative – they’re functional. With our Button option, the flooring is predrilled and countersunk at each end-joint for screws and plugs.  Plugs included.

This option includes real genuine square-head hand forged nails, like they were made 200 years ago. Each nail is unique and comes in a black oxide finish. The flooring is pre-drilled at the joints to receive the face-nail without splitting the wood.  Simply face nail the flooring at each end-joint for a unique Old West look. (Not available on all wood species.)

This option complements your plank flooring with a genuine hand chiseled appearance. We hand chisel a coped micro-bevel on the ends of each plank, so every plank has its own unique sculpted appearance.

We gently sand a slight sloping pillowed micro-bevel to the ends of each plank for a nice flowing look and feel.

We pre-sand your flooring planks out to a smooth 180 grit. Then we sand them again with a gentle texturing sander. This option gives you a very smooth pre-sanded floor – so you don’t have to do any sanding at install. Contractors believe our finish to be superior to what they can produce by sanding in place – we believe they’re right. This is the option that saves you considerable time; mess and expense associated with sanding at install time.

Texture Sanded


Square Pegs & Buttons

Chisel Coped Ends

Pillowed Ends

Hand Forged Nails

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Circular Sawn

We mill the planks in a true antique circular saw for that Old West look. Our craftsman then skip-plane each plank individually to preserve the historic circular saw patterns while keeping your floor smooth to the touch. It’s not a science, its art!