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Sizes in Widths are species and Barn Dependant.

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We have developed an excellent source of genuine re-claimed and re-purposed hardwoods, filled with history and the character of long life. Most of our reclaimed hardwoods come from old tobacco barns, and some from other old abandoned barns, often built from the hardwoods that grew on the very property where the barn was being built. They were often built by hand – hand sawn planks, hand hewn beams etc., or from the old circular saw milling days. Many of these barns were used to hang and cure tobacco. The hardwoods available from these historic barns are Oak, Beech, Chestnut and Gum wood. Our amazing reclaimed WidePlank hardwood floors are known as “Dirty Top” style – meaning we leave the original patina and signs of life in the top surface of the floor. It takes a real craftsman with finesse to produce these types of floors – and we’ve got it! We carefully skip plane and gently texture sand these planks to clean and de-nib them, while revealing the history and beauty of this old aged hardwoods. We leave the original exposed face of each plank intact so you can see the life, wear, old nail holes and circular saw or hand saw marks of the original milling process from the early 1800s to early 1900s. This is an amazing find at an amazing price!

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