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The ivory contrasts and amazing swirls and natural patterns in our Walnut make this one of our most popular wide plank floors – especially to those who know what Walnut normally sells for! The darker colored heartwood is accentuated with beautiful ivory highlights. It is usually a fading blend of medium to darker walnut tones with some darker planks or streaks of smoky brown with other planks blending gently into creamy ivory tones. The grain is straight to wavy, with a rather coarse texture. Tight knots with wavy grain add interest to our Walnut plank floors. The figured wood sometimes forms a well defined central core. Walnut is moderately durable with medium bending strength and resistance to shock loads, but has a high crushing strength, making it an excellent choice for plank flooring. Walnut finishes cleanly and can be polished to a high finish, or beautifully enhanced with our popular Texturing Sand option. Walnut is also one of the most dimensionally stable hardwoods available. This makes Walnut a good consideration for installations where a difficult climate may contribute to less than ideal conditions.



Walnut Available In:

  Assortment 1  -  3”, 4”, 5”

  Assortment 2  -  3”, 4”, 5”, 6”

  Assortment 3  -  4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”

  Assortment 4  -  6”, 7”, 8”

Available in Wide Plank by Request



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