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We proudly use American timber.

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Western WidePlank is your DOMESTIC wide plank hardwood flooring mill. With us you get solid ¾” thick, kiln dried, real hardwood, hand crafted in America, T&G in wider planks and longer lengths – no imitation veneers or short strips of imported flooring.  Just amazingly beautiful premium character floors that speak of quality every time you enter the room. And true plank flooring is a great way to increase the value of your home!

We fashion our floors in the style of our ancestors, solid, real, domestically sourced and milled with quality and pride. Right now by buying mill-direct you can buy our quality flooring starting at only $2.99 sq/ft! We offer many beautiful species of American hardwood. If you want the ultra-wide look, we have planks up to 13" wide! Many options including weathering Texture Sander, Hand Chiseled Ends or Pillowed Ends give your flooring a feel and look like no other, because we are like no other. By trading smart directly with your domestic mill, we can provide you with high quality custom milled flooring harvested from our own sustainable hardwood forests, and do it for less. We produce beautiful enduring flooring that you’ll love for decades to come. You’ll appreciate the savings and knowing your money stays at home too.

You’re floors can have that “high end” appearance that only true custom hardwood plank floors provide. You won’t have that hallow slapping sound associated with cheap snap together flooring – nor will you have an endless array of short narrow pieces like cheap pre-finished, pre-boxed, flooring. Our beautiful wider planks save you time and money in installation costs.

Golden Leaf Chestnut and Tanoak*

3”, 4”, 5”, 6”                                 Random width mix   Wide Plank   

6”, 7”, 8”, 9”                                 Random width mix   Ultra WidePlank  

7”,8”,9”,10”,11”,12”,13”              Random width mix  Ultra WidePlank  

One of our most beautiful floors and certainly one of our best options for ultra-wide plank hardwood flooring is our Golden Leaf Pacific Chestnut in the Premium Character grade. This attractive character hardwood has sound knots with a gorgeous array of color and pattern variations. While it has a uniquely attractive style all its own, it can vary in appearance from Big Leaf Maple, to Birch to Hickory, Walnut and even the Oaks. Our Golden Leaf Chestnut (also known as Oregon Chinquapin) accepts stain better than many woods, making it very versatile. Chinquapin is one of the more dimensionally stable hardwoods – a good consideration for installations where extreme conditions, such as wide temperature and humidity variations. (While Tanoak has similar characteristics to the Chestnuts and is moderately harder, it is not as dimensionally stable for challenging condition installations.) The character, variety of color tones and pricing of this hardwood group make it one of our most popular wide-plank floors.


Rustic Calico Hickory*  

3”,4”,5”,6”                                     Random width sort        

3”,4”,5”,6”,7”,8”                            Random width sort      

3”, 5”, 7”                                        (Special Random Width sort)      

4”, 6”, 8”                                        (Special random width sort)

The beautiful figurative character of our American Hickory, as reflected in our photos, is UNIQUE because we hand select only the best planks with the richest color variation and rustic but sound character, for a lasting floor that is as beautiful as it is durable. It’s a special proprietary select mix that produces an amazing array of lights, darks and high character planks. This special high character floor is truly unique and at a very attractive.

{Calico Hickory blends have a rich mixture of light sapwood and brown heart wood, sound knots and character, for a unique high contrast floor.} Calico Rustic Hickory width sort options:

Brown Heart Hickory options. {Our Heart Blend mix has a rich blend of character and color variation with some lighter sap wood but with more of a focus toward the brown heart wood tones. This Brown Heart mix still contains Ivory colored sap wood – just less of it.} Our Rustic Heart Hickory mixes are priced and sized the same as our Calico mixes above.

Western Rustic Birch*                 

3”, 4”, 5”, 6”                                   Random width mix  

Western Rustic Birch is a relatively dense hardwood with a closed tight grain. This makes it a very stable strong material well suited for flooring. It’s a nice medium tone rustic hardwood for a really nice hardwood plank floor at an amazing $3.13 sq ft! Birch makes a beautiful medium tone plank floor with the darker streaks down the planks contrasted alongside amazing iridescent ivory toned wood - beautiful. Its iridescent appearance is an amazing treat to the eyes in changing light conditions. Our premium character grade has mild to medium character variations and tight knots with grain rings around them. It’s the attractive mineral flecking that gives Birch its beautiful iridescent look.


Western Big Leaf Maple*            

3”, 4”, 5”, 6”                                    Random width mix  

The wood from Big Leaf maple is fine-grained and of a moderate to medium weight and hardness with strength properties that make it well suited for flooring. Pacific Maple is a lighter wood with a variety of beautiful figurative character and swirls but not overly dramatic or color wild. The sapwood can vary from white to yellow tones; the heartwood is light golden brown. The wood grain is a blend of straight, curved, wavy, even some quilted, fiddle-back or birds-eye patterns, dotted with large tight knots surrounded by figurative swirls around them. Moderately stainable.

Walnut w/ Ivory Highlights*

3”, 4”, 5”                                          Random width mix       

3”, 4”, 5”, 6”  (Our Best Value)       Random width mix

4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”                              Random width mix     

6”, 7”, 8”                                          Random width mix


The ivory contrasts and amazing swirls and natural patterns in our Walnut make this one of our most popular wide plank floors – especially to those who know what Walnut normally sells for! The darker colored heartwood is accentuated with beautiful ivory highlights. It is usually a fading blend of medium to darker walnut tones with some darker planks or streaks of smoky brown with other planks blending gently into creamy ivory tones. The grain is straight to wavy, with a rather coarse texture. Tight knots with wavy grain add interest to our Walnut plank floors. The figured wood sometimes forms a well defined central core. Walnut is moderately durable with medium bending strength and resistance to shock loads, but has a high crushing strength, making it an excellent choice for plank flooring. Walnut finishes cleanly and can be polished to a high finish, or beautifully enhanced with our popular Texturing Sand option. Walnut is also one of the most dimensionally stable hardwoods available anywhere. This makes Walnut a good consideration for installations where a difficult climate may contribute to less than ideal conditions.


3”, 4”, 5”, 6”                                     Random width mix  

Cherry is a finer grained wood graced with mildly visible irregular rings and patterns of grain, some flecking and character interest around the knots, and creamy highlights. Cherry has plenty of attraction and interest, but is not considered a high contrast or high character hardwood. Some cherry shows off a contrast between the mildly darker russet, auburn, red-tan toned heart woods and lighter sap woods. Those famous cherry tones are often further enhanced with cherry stain, but many prefer only a clear protective coat. Cherry is also one of the more dimensionally stable hardwoods available. This makes Cherry a good consideration for installations where a difficult climate may contribute to less than ideal conditions.

Blue & Yellow Pine*                     

11” - OR – 5 ½                                 Ultra-Wide    

Our Blue Pine is rich with streaks of Blue and occasional hints of Green, Purple or Grey tones throughout the wood. Often called Denim Blue Pine or Beatle Kill Blue, the pine gets its color when beetles get into the living tree. The wood remains sound, but the colors produced are very dramatic. Nice 11” plus wide planks make this a very attractive and unique floor. Our Yellow Pine is also very attractive, with spotted flecking, color and grain variations and 11” wide plank provides plenty of opportunity for the full beauty and character of this wood to be revealed. (5 1/2” planks are available in Blue or Yellow Pine upon request.) Pine is a character floor. The softer nature of pine means this flooring will dent and mar. As the marks of life are imprinted into the pine, they become part of the character and beauty of the floor – very attractive and very stable. Pine is dimensionally stable making it a good consideration for installations where a difficult climate may contribute to less than ideal conditions.

Oaks – White, Red or Black Oak*

3”,4”,5”,6”                                         Random Width Mix  

The Oaks have long been a standard in plank flooring. Oak is hard, durable, adequately stable and very attractive with a variety of brown tones with some streaks and sound knots. Further,  Oak comes with a long proven track record. It’s a fitting wood for that restoration home. Oak takes stain well and is easy to maintain. Our true WidePlank Oak is different. We’re not offering you an array of short narrow pieces of strip flooring. We’ll give you a nice assortment of hand crafted wide planks adorned with character in long length averages. If you’re looking for Oak, we offer White Oak, Red Oak and Black Oak – all available in beautifully durable hand crafted WidePlank.


3”,4”,5”,6”,7”                                     Random Width Mix  

Mahogany grows straight and tall with few branches on the lower half of the trunk and stalk. That means this hardwood has few knots, swirls or other traditional character attractions. Mahogany gets its character and beauty primarily from the noticeably attractive streaks of darker reddish to brown tones to lighter pinkish brown tones. These narrow bands of color that grace each plank are deeply iridescent and really pop in the light. It can appear that you’re looking right into the wood like glass. The wood is similar to Cherry or Walnut in hardness and is considered to have minimal in place movement, making it a good candidate for plank flooring.  Our hand crafted Mahogany WidePlanks compose a truly unique strikingly beautiful plank floor.

We also have other species available and can custom source your material. As a full service mill, we also offer window and door casings, moldings, stairs and the like – all at incredibly competitive prices. Please feel free to call. We’re happy to help you.


Freight estimates for our hardwood flooring usually ranges from about .20 to .70 per sq ft. to most points in the USA – slightly more in some and less in others. We’re competitive from coast to coast as well as in Alaska and Canada. We ship all over the country because our flooring is unique, attractive and fairly priced. Your mill-direct savings far exceed the small shipping expense. Our beauty and quality will speak for itself every time you look at your beautiful new floor.


Western WidePlank LLC  ~ Buy differently, buy smart, buy direct!  ~